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Highlights of Me, Myself and I and important things I've learned in life so far


(6 min read)


  • Helping others is my attempt to pay forward the Grace that I have received in my life.  I am most grateful for the people in my life that have demonstrated and given me Grace, come alongside me, walked with me, built me up, shared their stories, held my hand and given me a shoulder and a hug; there have been many, including my family.

  • I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).  15 to 20% of people are HSP’s.  Learning this has helped me achieve a deeper acceptance of who I am and why I am the way I am.

  • I now know that our minds are our most powerful ally or our worst enemy.  My hope is to help people amplify the thoughts that serve us and reduce the impact of the ones that don’t and reseed our neural terrain.

  • I am a server at heart, I served in restaurants for almost 20 years and now in my 50’s I want to serve humanity, namely women who have ignored their inner voice to conform to their own and/or society’s expectations and beliefs about the moulds we “should” fit into.

  • I have come to value the art and power of words.  They can be used to create beautiful images in our minds and inspire us to create these in real life.  They can be used to unify or demolish; to integrate acceptance of ourselves and each other or to create separation from ourselves and others.  I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  • The most important area to become conscious of how we use our words is to ourselves.  If we can be gentle and compassionate with ourselves we will naturally be compassionate with others.

  • I believe in being accountable to my words and for my actions; intentions spoken without action are meaningless, they dissolve into the ether, words backed by action and demonstrated through progress, these live on.  They can live forever in hearts and minds and have a ripple effect out toward those we love and anyone we interact with.

  • I honour genuine, sincere connection.  It is a privilege and a gift to listen to another’s struggles and joys and it is likewise a privilege and a gift to fully be heard when sharing mine.  I cherish this.

  • I refer to myself as a lover of nouns; I cherish people and building relationships, I adore adventuring to new places and I love learning new things and ways of relating to each other.

  • Small details matter so much.  Small thoughts, small actions, observing small bits of beauty in and about people, places, and things, lingering, savouring…the delicious bits of life.  Smaller bits are always part of a larger whole.

  • The first self-help book I read was “The Road Less Travelled” by M. Scott Peck which begins with “Life is difficult.” ; the next most important book in my journey was “That Which You Are Seeking is Causing You to Seek” by Cheri Huber based on Zen Buddhism.  These books set my journey of self-awareness and self-acceptance into motion.   My journey has crossed paths with many compassionate, empathetic, and wise people. My wish is to return some of that love and support into the world.

  • An entrepreneur at heart (self-made with no formal education); I created and incorporated Ohmbars.  A nutrient-dense, on-the-go food bar that sold in the Ottawa area retail food market for 6 years.  I had the grit and determination to teach myself what I needed to know throughout this venture.

  • I meet people where they are emotionally while staying positive and thoughtful about my interaction in their life.  My experience in multiple customer-service careers has contributed to this skill.  My eyes have seen hundreds of thousands of people and I’ve interacted with tens of thousands.  I have attended many trade shows and done demonstrations for Ohmbars, was a Sales Representative for a large Canadian Health Supplement Company, launched my own Home Management Services company, served in restaurants, and was a flight attendant for WestJet.

  • I’m 52 and was married twice before the age of 30.  On the upside of this, my heart always told me “Don’t settle, you’re better alone rather than settling.”  When my heart has something to say, it’s loud!  It protects me and I protect IT.

  • I’m a hippie, gypsy, road-trippin', motocycle-riding, HSP country-girl, formerly known as a head-bangin’, moody, repressed red-neck.

  • I've moved a lot, more than the average person.  I have traveled much across this great Country and lived in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia and briefly California (on a fiancé visa), the drive from BC to Southern Cali is humbling (add it to your Bucket List)

  • I now live on my rural dream property.  A tiny 500 sq. ft. house on a 1-acre property on the Ottawa River, with my 2 beloved cats.  It’s magical.

  • In January of 2020, I reunited with a long-lost love of 14 years prior.  For the most part, we’re the same people we were back then but we’ve grown and matured so much.  It’s been wonderful and sometimes painful as life is, but we keep communicating with wisdom and respect.


What I’ve learned, in a nutshell:

(3 min read)


  • It took me a while to finally realize how much I can offer to help make a difference in peoples’ lives.  Looking back on my life, I had spent the majority of it struggling to find meaning, to find a sense of peace that I could inherently feel, and to find bits of joy to help me remain grateful and interested in life from day-to-day. 

  • What I have learned most is the importance of our relationships, namely the one we have with ourselves every single day. We require healthy relationships to experience a connection in this human plane, without them life can seem unfulfilling and isolated, especially when we don’t have a healthy one with ourselves.  No matter where we were born or the culture we live in, we are all born with the same basic needs and subsequent feelings when those needs are met, or are not met.  Our culture does not teach us a clear vocabulary for feelings or needs, so we stuff our feelings into our bodies because we lack the tools to express them, and these are what cause illness and dis-ease.

  • Words have power!  They can be used to uplift and inspire or tear down and diminish.  Our self-talk is the most influential place to use our words.  The words we use in our inner dialogue are the words that permeate our interactions with and perception of others; silently spoken in our minds or spoken to others, both matter equally.  Through developing positive inner dialogue and giving ourselves empathy and compassion we can begin to see the world through this new lens and offer it to others.

  • Human beings are complex, as most of us can agree.  According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day and of those, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive.  Gandhi said “A man is but the product of his thoughts.  What he thinks, he becomes.”

  • I was guilty of being a slave to my negative thoughts in the past, guilty of entertaining them, guilty of not paying attention to them and guilty of letting them block me from sharing the best of myself with the people I love(d).

  • I have lived through the thousands of ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) I experienced on a daily basis, it was agonizing…but I started listening to my heart and my intuition and I’ve never regretted that.   My family’s feelings were always my saving Grace.  Even though they didn’t know what I was going through I always considered their feelings when contemplating suddenly leaving this earthly plane, and that was enough to get me through to the other side of months of despair and begin to make many small, positive decisions for myself.

  • I’ve learned to reframe my thinking, my self-talk, and my words.  I’ve learned that quality input equals quality output.  Now I only allow positive information into my brain i.e. shows, movies, podcasts and books so that my output, the things I think and do, have a better chance of serving me instead of robbing me of any joy or satisfaction.

  • I’ve acquired the skill to see beauty in people, places, and things.  It’s much easier when practicing present-moment awareness.

  • Covid-19 has brought the world and our psyches to our knees, figuratively and literally for some people.  I want to help people get up, off their knees, create connections with themselves and others and find peace and courage to live full lives despite our external environment.

  • I am an empath.  I am genuinely interested in your life and your struggles, your thoughts.  We all want to find our tribe, to feel a sense of belonging and to feel understood and appreciated…to be seen and heard

  • I am curious.  Human nature intrigues me.  Life can either be viewed as long if it’s full of struggle and pain or it can be viewed as being too short when you view it as an exciting adventure. 


Come take my hand.

We’re all here to help each other.

There is strength in numbers.

Warm hug,


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