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Highly Sensitive Person Full Quiz:

I understand the frustration you feel when life sometimes feels noisy, harried, and heavy - if only you could understand why you feel overwhelmed then you could live your true life with more grace and ease, but you may not know where to turn to first.

That’s why my mission is simple: As a Certified Integrative Health Coach, who is also a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), I want to give you the wellness education, tools and resources that you need to feel happy, healthy, and able to enjoy the gift you've been given (it IS a gift as you'll come to learn). 

  1. Do you quickly become bored by small-talk and prefer meaningful conversation?

  2. When angry or excited, do you sometimes feel your heart pounding?

  3. Do you prefer 1-on-1 time with people over gathering with many?

  4. Do you pick up on or sense people's moods and/or intentions?

  5. Do you notice nuances in facial expressions, body language or your environment that others seem to miss?

  6. Do you deeply value well-mannered, polite people?

  7. Is it difficult for you to say "no" to other people's requests of you because you fear insulting them or hurting their feelings?

  8. Do you have difficulty forgiving yourself for even seemingly small errors or things you said?

  9. Do you exhibit signs of perfectionism or resonate with "imposter syndrome"?

  10. Do you randomly get heart palpitations?

  11. When you were a child were you referred to as sensitive or shy?

  12. Do you sigh a lot?

  13. Are you deeply moved by nature, music, books, art or the taste of amazing food?

  14. Would you rather walk away from a disagreement than explain why you're right?

  15. Do you find certain sounds too loud and it literally hurts your ears?

  16. Have you been told not to be "so sensitive" or to "toughen up” because life's "not fair"?

  17. Are you sensitive to hunger (do you get "hangry"), medication, pain, and perhaps caffeine?

  18. Do you have a tendency to avoid or are you fearful of conflict?

  19. Do you deeply feel the pain and sadness of others?

  20. When you try to relax at home are you plagued by thoughts of all that needs to be done in the house?


If you answered YES to 15 or more of these questions you are likely a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

So where do you go from here? 


I'm an HSP too so I understand what you've gone through and the feelings you experience because of our tender nervous systems. 

I'll help you learn how to manage the pressures of your life so you can live fully and on-purpose - responding to life's challenges instead of feeling as though you're continuously reacting to life's unpredictability.

Now is the time for you to more fully understand yourself so you can nourish, flourish, and thrive!